Place of origin is a philosophy that has evolved over time. At its core is the concept that things should be made where they have roots. Where they have come from. Where they intend to stay. When things are made in an area in a certain way a culture grows around the place. It supports the industry and the people who make it.

Place of origin is about the materials that make the clothing. The material for our trouser maker comes from a cotton mill a few miles down the road. Not because we forced it, but because that’s how the industry evolved. The wool for our Norwegian jumpers come from sheep that graze on the mountain beside the mill.

Place of origin is about the people that make the clothing. They live and work in communities that are rooted in manufacturing. Often parents made clothing before. Clothing manufacturing does more than provide a living. It is the fabric that unites society.

For us asking ourselves where our clothes come from is part of reconciling the disconnect between what we choose to wear and where it comes from. Place of origin is at the heart of what we do at Tails. Manufacturers are more discovered than sourced. It takes time, but the patience is worth it. View our Tails 1979 clothing range.