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The Alpine beret took some finding, to the point where we ended up having this beret made especially. It was Elosegui in the end who took up the mantle to make us a beret as wide across the top (Spanish size 14 / 33cm) but still with a leather headband.

Although the wide brim beret is commonly known as the Alpine or Alpin, such a wide brimmed hat is worn across the mountainous Basque Pyrenees as well as the French Alps. The reason being it can be pulled down low over the brow acting as a buffer against strong winds and snow.

The Alpine beret is made from 100% virgin wool and treated with Teflon, rendering it waterproof. It is lined with black satin and features a leather band with a red ribbon and trim. The brim on the Alpine beret measures a grand 13in / 33cm in diameter.

In recognition of the connection between the people of the Alps and those of the Pyrenees by way of the landscape they inhabit we have used the Seven Basque Provinces label.

Elosegui, making berets in the Pays Basque since 1858.


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