Woolly Hat | Barbaresque (Navy)


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A chunky knit sailor's hat, as worn by navy sailors and seamen during the cold periods at watch on the ship's deck. The hat has a deep overlap to protect the ears and upper neck. Is made using a pearl knit technique with a cross seam at the crown, the result being a warm and soft textured hat, snug and comforting in its soft textured construction.

Saint James clothing was born in 1889 in the town of its namesake, located a few miles from the sea, and close to Mont Saint-Michel in Southern Normandy. The Saint James story began when the Legallais family started to spin and dye the local wool and sell the skeins and wool balls to the shops of Brittany and Normandy, later spinning the wool into shirts for the fishermen. Leon Legallais, the then mayor or Saint-James transformed this workshop into a large industry and in 1929 the company went public.






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