Wolsey Clothing

Wolsey’s story began in 1755 in Leicester, when Henry Wood set up as a knitted hosiery entrepreneur, and continued to be managed by his wife and sons after his death. By 1813 the company was manufacturing stockings, hosiery and caps, distributing mostly to Scotland through an associate in Glasgow. By 1842, the company had become a market leader after partner Robert Walker pioneered knitting techniques leading to lighter-weight knitwear.

 In 1883, the company launched their ‘unshrinkable woollens’, winning the top award for hosiery at the Chicago Great World Fair. 1897 saw the registering of the name Wolsey, after the legendary cardinal Wolsey, buried 400m from the company headquarters. During the 1900s leisure activities such as golf became more widely practiced, and Wolsey’s sportswear ranges were popular.  

In 1911 Wolsey clothing supplied under and outer garments to both explorers Captain Scott and Roald Amundsen in their race to reach the South Pole.

In 1935 Wolsey was appointed by Royal Warrant to supply garments to members of the royal household of His Majesty King George V. In 1959 Wolsey clothing again received a royal warrant from the Queen Mother.
 The 1970s and 80s saw Wolsey providing clothing for the growing sportswear market,
 the commonwealth games, and latterly, a growing demand for general
menswear of style and distinction.

Wolsey, making clothing in England since 1755.