Norlender Knitwear

The story of Norlender Knitwear is a simple tale of the hard work and success of a Norwegian community. In 1927, in the basement of a small mountain farmhouse Astrid (the present owner's) grandfather set up a textile factory. It became known as 'the factory in the mountains'. The company made cotton underwear, serving the people of the mountains and soon the wider reaches of Norway. 

Three decades later clothing production was moved to a more modern factory in Hosanger on the edge of the breathtaking Osterfjord. Another three decades passed and the company shifted its focus to that of knitwear, creating a range of Norwegian sweaters and jumpers based on timeless patterns and fulfilling the same important task of keeping Norwegians warm. In 1989 Norlender Knitwear was born. 

Norlender are in the same factory as their forefathers; still drawing inspiration from Norway's rich knitting heritage, and still being inspired by the high mountains dropping into the cold seas of Osterfjord.

Norlender Knitwear, making Norwegian jumpers and knits in Norway since 1927.