Laulhère Berets

Established in 1840 by Frenchman Monsieur Lucien Laulhère, Laulhère was a company that made Basque berets in the traditional way. It was only in the early 20th century that Laulhère grew to become an industrial-scale milliners, but still ensuring that the beret-making process was one of quality and attention to detail.

During the 1960s Laulhère diversified its product range and began to manufacture military berets and caps, followed by angora hats for ladies in the 1970s. In 1996 the Beatex company bought Laulhère and kept the beret manufacturing process the same.

Laulhère continue to make wool and angora hats in the traditional way. The berets are made on a knitting loom and each one is shaped and finished by hand. Laulhère remains at the very pinnacle of beret manufacture in the world, being the only French company to make berets from weave to finish.   

Laulhère Berets, made in France since 1840.