Guy Cotten Clothing

“The conquering of the seas started on the docks of fishing harbours”, begins the Guy Cotten manifesto. Set up in 1964 in Concarneau by Monsieur Guy Cotten and his wife, the company took the traditional, coated-cotton mariners' oilskins and developed them for use at sea and for outdoor leisure. Their lighter clothing was more comfortable and lasted three times as long as the older oilskins and as such soon became popular with the locals of Brittany and Normandy.

Monsieur Guy Cotten began trading his clothing from boat to boat and in the harbours of South Finistère.

 Between 1965 and 1970 sailing schools began to emerge in increasing numbers. At the time, only jackets with poppers or pea-jackets that could be pulled on over the head were available. At the Rosbras Sailing Centre, the founder and coordinator, Yvon Hemery remarked to Monsieur Guy Cotten, “how is it that no-one has ever come up with
 an item of clothing with the waterproof qualities of a pea jacket and the practical advantages of an ordinary jacket?” A few days later, students at the centre tested the first foul weather jackets with a double flap combining self-grip fasteners and a zip. 

At a similar time, an increase in the number of large offshore races and an enthusiasm for the sea, as well as the start of partnerships with important names in sailing, was to accelerate the company's success. Today, Guy Cotten is a prominent force in sea-faring garments.

Guy Cotten, making sea-worthy clothing in France since 1964.