Gurteen Menswear

D. Gurteen and Sons was established in 1784 by Daniel Gurteen, a master weaver of Huguenot descent. Daniel Gurteen specialised in weaving a material called drabbet, which was used for making smocks and worn by the agricultural workers of the time.

At the onset of the industrial revolution, Daniel Gurteen III invested in mechanisation and Gurteen Menswear grew rapidly, expanding into the manufacture of a wider range of men’s clothing. 

During the Second World War the Gurteen factory occupied itself with the making of army uniforms and they developed a strong reputation for good fitting, well made, quality clothing. Today, Gurteen is run by the sixth and seventh generation of the family and is one of the most esteemed names in the British men's clothing industry.

Gurteen and Sons, making menswear in England since 1784.