Elosegui Berets

Elosegui, the beret maker was founded in 1858 by Antonio Elosegui, and christened ‘La Casualidad’. The company’s first premises were on the banks of the river Oria in Tolosa, Pays Basque, near the Pyrenees and on the border with France. At this time Elosegui made only around fifty berets a year, with the process carried out entirely by hand.

By 1915, Elosegui was making 3,500 berets each year and selling them across Europe and as far away as the United States, Cuba and the Philippines. 

For the most part the military beret market has adopted the cheaper, mass-produced offerings of Asia, but the best and original berets are still made in the Basque country, France and Spain. Today Elosegui is one of the market leaders in berets and is the only Spanish company to make fine quality basque berets from weave to finish.

Boinas Elosegui, making finest woollen berets in the Basque country since 1858.