Christys' Hats

Christys' was established in 1773 after Miller Christy completed a seven year apprenticeship in The Art and Mystery of Feltmaking and became a milliner producing the finest quality hats in London. Two hundred years later, the hats of Christys' of London receive international acclaim.

 Miller Christy was a Scot, and travelled south in 1773 to set up his first hat business in Whitehart Court, London, with fellow Quaker, Joseph Storrs. During the 1800s, along with three partners, Christy bought Underbank Hall and set up the Stockport and East Cheshire Bank. The Stockport works were taken over by the Christies and focussed on making wool felt hats, while in London they occupied themselves with hats made of silk.

By the 1850s the hat-making process had been mechanised and business was booming, with Christys' hats being found the world over. The company would outlast numerous other milliners, and would remain in the family for many generations. 1876 saw the first registration of the Christys' insignia, and the company became limited in 1887. After World War Two, it was known that a gentleman could be measured by the quality of his hat, and post-war styles flourished. 

Today, Christys' hats can be seen gracing the domes of those partaking in country pursuits, musicians, Hollywood stars, and fashionable types the world over. The company is now in the venerable hands of Liberty of London, who cannot fail to do good things for this hatter of great British heritage.

Christys' of London, making hats and caps in England since 1773.