The planets are aligning and the moon is new. Such things precipitate change. At Unexpected house, although the bricks and mortar do not shift, the fabric of things does. The news is this: Tails and the Unexpected has a new label in the offering - Tails 1979, for origin inspired menswear.

Where the Tails and the Unexpected range is eclectic, the Tails 1979 range is highly curated. Where Tails
and the Unexpected clothes can be quirky, Tails 1979 is rugged. Where the Tails and the Unexpected
brand is traditional, the Tails' menswear label is contemporary.

Dress well but don't be precious about it. Shop the Tails 1979 here. 

Tails Menswear Label photo in the forrest

As you know we're a father and son team. And after many years working together, we'll be supporting each other
still, but in our separate endeavours. Our values are shared, but out vision is different. Two brands with a shared
history, but now with a different story to tell. As we both love menswear, we hope that all generations of men in
your family can enjoy the clothing that we source and produce. Whether gent's clothing at Tails and the Unexpected,
or over at authentic, heritage menswear at Tails Clothing Co. Mark and Josh thank you for your support.