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evening wear look book

On a late summer's evening, the team took a selection of our evening wear, a bag of
questionable props (it takes some talking down to dissuade Joshua from filling every shot
with props of many eras belonging to his father Mark's collection), and our 'face', Owen,
to the beautiful old university district of Cardiff to shoot Look Sharp, a new look book that
hopefully shows the best of what Tails has to offer this season in terms of black- and
white tie. We hope you like the results. You can see th...

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Just Arrived: The Silk Knit Tie

Posted on 26 Jul 2013

silk knit tie

The necktie has a long and illustrious history, beginning with the legionaries of Rome
and the Emperors of China, first arriving on our British shores in the 1630s.

Evolving as a separate entity from lengths of ribbon first used to tie together the ends of a
collar, linen and lace were the preferred materials of choice. The length became longer,
the art of tying a knot more defined.

By the 1840s, distinct styles emerged; the cravat, the bow, the four-in-hand. The drama
of a white shirt and black ...

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Eveningwear at the Yacht Club

Posted on 28 Sep 2012

smoking jacket at the yacht club

Early summer saw the Tails team shooting some new photographs of our
eveningwear. The kind people at Penarth Yacht Club allowed us to use their
clubhouse as a venue.

The beautiful old victorian boathouse sits on Penarth prom, and turned out to be
full of unusual props and nooks that sat perfectly with our smoking jackets,
black-tie dinner suits and tailcoats. The place is a trove of pre-WWI sailing
memorabilia, photographs and records of captaincy, and houses polished-wood
and brass bar, usually propp...

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