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I think many of you will agree that the past is an endless source of inspiration. Whilst we mustn’t see it through rose-tinted glasses, we all draw from inspiration from the past sometimes, particularly in the creative industry. I love past styles and am instantly drawn to nostalgia and the parts of the past that are timeless and tasteful. I have a thing for vintage clothing, which means beautiful tailoring and individuality. I’m more of a mid-century girl, but I can appreciate a dapper gent. That’s why then, I felt I had to start with a nice gentle post featuring these fabulous fellows that I found in the archives of Flickr, courtesy of the Swedish National Heritage Board



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Top Tips: Trans-Seasonal Style

Posted on 29 Aug 2013

trans-seasonal style

Altrarno, Florence, end of summer 2013

We're approaching that tricky time of year: do you need your sunglasses? An umbrella? Sandals? A jumper?
(Hint: the correct answer is usually 'all of the above'). This trans-seasonal period is something that it's
worth putting a bit of thought into: on the British Isles, it seemingly extends to cover more and more of our
seasons as the years go by. 

The old boundaries and markers that we once relied upon to tell us when to put away our boots and get out
our s...

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Customer of the Day!

Posted on 12 Jul 2013



Say hello to the Tails customer of the day, Mr Richard Harris, who dropped in for a visit today.
Here he is looking rather dapper in the beautiful sunshine. 

You can find our boaters here, and pocket squares here.

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pitti 1

As mentioned in my earlier blog post from Pitti, I spent the best part of two days in the
company of the vicious pack of wolves that is the international style paparazzi (actually,
they were really quite lovely), including Scott Shuman of the Sartorialist.

pitti 13

Several truths about street style photography I learnt from this:

pitti 5

 1. People 'on the phone' aren't really on the phone. In fact, I'm pretty sure there were tens
of men wandering around having some intense imaginary conversations. 

pitti 3

2. Smoke a cig...

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When In Rome

Posted on 17 Jun 2013


In Rome we buy small bottles of prosecco and drink them on the grimy steps of the
fountain in Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere, where the resident drunks gave a hearty
'auguri!' as the corks popped across the square. 

We watch the sun go down from the Villa Borghese, looking out over the rooftops of the
city. I always expect everything to be the same when I visit Rome, and in some ways it is,
but I never quite recapture how I felt the first time I came here, a feeling of falling utterly
and irrevoca...

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The Don

Posted on 12 Apr 2013

Mad Men

The multi-award winning period drama Mad Men returned to our screens this week,
meaning the return of the original 'Mad Man' himself, Don Draper. The charming Don,
played by Jon Hamm, has lived through personal demons and more than his fair
share of drinking, smoking and one-night-stands over the seasons.

Despite this, dressed by a costume team infamously devoted to pin-sharp accuracy,
Don never fails to look immaculate, and if not immaculate, then dressed in a way that
still draws the eye. It's easy ...

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Grand Style, Grand National

Posted on 4 Apr 2013

Grand Style, Grand National

Few events in the horse racing calender, be it Royal Ascot, the Derby, or even the
Cheltenham Festival, come much bigger or grander than the jewel in horse racing's crown:
the Grand National. The National is the zenith, and will pit equally tip-top equine
chasers against one another over the fences at the Aintree course.

Run on Saturday, this year's renewal promises to be another gripping event.
Last year's race saw champion trainer Paul Nicholls train the stoic grey Neptune Collonges
to a sensational...

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The Beard is Back

Posted on 22 Mar 2013

beard 1

We've just attended Colour and Trend 2014, and it's got us talking about one thing
in particular: 
facial hair. And to be more specific, beards.
What's more, not just any beards: full beards.

Facial hair has, of course, been en vogue for some years now.
Beginning several ago with neat, 
goatee-like creations, continuing though
'designer stubble', and arriving at where we are now. 

beard 2

For those of you not quite so on-the-pulse as we are (come on, where have you been?),
where we are now is at a place not se...

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Tails Talks To... The Grey Fox Blog

Posted on 15 Mar 2013


The mysterious Grey Fox Blog has been featured in the likes of The Times
and the Huffington Post. London businessman and all-round style
enthusiast, David Evans, AKA the Grey Fox, is the man behind it.
We talk blogging, books and Harris Tweed…

David, you describe your sartorial quest as a man searching for style in middle age.
What inspired you to start blogging about menswear and how did you come up
with your unique concept?

“I reached an age where it’s hard to know what to wear and even harder to ...

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Hats Go Gatsby

Posted on 18 Jan 2013

1920s hat

We can't help but feel a warm glow inside when keeping an eye on the outlook for
men's style in 2013. Long have we advocated the wearing of traditional or formal hats;
the trilby, the homburg, the panama… and it seems that this year we can look forward
to seeing more of them.

As much as we're champions of the timeless gent's wardrobe, it's impossible to
underestimate the subtle pull exerted by the film and television industries.
This year, the new adaptation of the Great Gatsby and Boardwalk Empire a...

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