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New In: The Original Picasso Breton

Posted on 21 Nov 2013

picasso breton

Famously worn by Pablo Picasso, the Naval II breton top by Saint James has just
arrived as a brand new edition at Tails. Standard breton shirts are found in shades of
cream and blue; what sets the Picasso apart is the crispness of white and bright blue,
the shorter sleeve length and the distribution of the stripes: those on the Naval climb
higher on the chest and have a gap before the solid white of the yoke.

picasso breton

The Naval also features a wide boat neck collar and two side slits. Much like the

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A Visit to Saint James, Brittany

Posted on 15 Nov 2013

brittany saint james

A few missed calls back and forth and a date and time is arranged to see Saint James.
West France, made up of Bretagne and Basse-Normandie is inaccessible. Public
transport from one part of Normandy to another largely involves a detour via Paris,
back to Reims, then on to the west proper.

What amazes me is the sheer number of processes involved in making a garment. So
many, in fact, that nobody seems entirely certain of the number. What they do know is
that it takes four weeks to make one jumper....

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A Baptism of Fire

Posted on 16 Aug 2013

Marais Paris Pub 

Deep in the winding backstreets of the Marais, there's a forest. Well, it's a bar. It's a bar
that seems to be a forest. The line between what is and isn't a forest becomes a bit
blurred when you're looking at it from the wrong side of several glasses of vin and
assorted spirits.

In the middle of this forest, tattooed, bearded barmen free-pour shots, serve with a
squeeze of lime, bark in curt French if you ask for anything not on the menu. The
menu, by the way, is beer or something on fire. Ah, ...

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Binic is a beautiful harbour town in north-west France, so it's only fitting that it gives its name
to one of our most beautiful pieces of nautical French knitwear.

A thriving port for centuries, the beaches of Binic are now known for their beauty (and latterly
something of an issue to do with an excess of sea lettuce…)

Saint James clothing is made in the same corner of France, and has been since 1889.
The Binic jumper is a 100% wool Breton knit, featuring timeless styling, and built to last.
Have a ...

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