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I think many of you will agree that the past is an endless source of inspiration. Whilst we mustn’t see it through rose-tinted glasses, we all draw from inspiration from the past sometimes, particularly in the creative industry. I love past styles and am instantly drawn to nostalgia and the parts of the past that are timeless and tasteful. I have a thing for vintage clothing, which means beautiful tailoring and individuality. I’m more of a mid-century girl, but I can appreciate a dapper gent. That’s why then, I felt I had to start with a nice gentle post featuring these fabulous fellows that I found in the archives of Flickr, courtesy of the Swedish National Heritage Board



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Paris Fashion Week Part Two

Posted on 27 Sep 2013

paris fashion week

Paris Fashion Week is in full swing and the city is at its most alive. Shows take place at
the Carrousel du Louvre (above), with the surrounding district of Rivoli, Rue St Honor
and  the hip Marais soaking up the lion's share of the action.  

paris fashion week

'J'ai aucun stile' (I have no style) - a modest French gent on the Rue St Honoré

 paris fashion week

 Paris' bars and cafés buzz even more than usual during fashion week

paris fashion week

These two were rather flattered to have their picture taken in the Marais

paris fashion week

paris fashion week

Trendy types congregate outside fa...

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Paris Fashion Week

Posted on 22 Sep 2013


paris fashion week 2013

The très beau Palais de Louvre in Paris next week plays host to the internationally well-dressed,
comically-dressed, and half-dressed. I'll be there with my camera, attempting to enter the fray
and bring you some photography from the events. I say from the events - I mean from the
pavements outside the events - but it is Paris, so they're pretty nice pavements. 

I'll be keeping you posted - keep your eyes peeled!

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Tails Talks To...Mr Flyy

Posted on 19 Apr 2013

Mr Flyy

For the second instalment of our 'Tails Talks' series, we caught up
with London  fashion blogger and designer, Martell 'Mr. Flyy' Campbell.
Martell is frequently featured across a variety of blogs and websites such
as GQ, Highsnobiety, Grazia and The Sartorialist, to name but a few.
He's also a Fashion Week regular, from Paris to the London Collections.
The aptly nicknamed‚ Mr. Flyy gave his advice on how to dress well, trilbies
and fashion in the Big Smoke.

First off Martell, what first inspired you t...

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