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New Christys' Sherlock Holmes Cap

Posted on 15 Jul 2016

Sherlock Holmes

Even the most die hard Sherlock Holmes fans might not be up to date with the goings on of his famous tweed cap.
You know, the hat the pretty much defines him as Sherlock. Well Christys’ have worked up the design. The
reinforced green tweed has been replaced with a softer texture in an autumn brown. Which isn’t so good if you’re
galavanting across roof tops and the like, but it is more comfortable. It’s also likely to fit better. And the satin ties
have been replaced with a leather ones, so it’s ...

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Posted in News By Joshua Mark Williams

tweed pig

Tell me a little bit about The Tweed Pig – where are you based, how many of you run the 
show, and how long have you been going?

First of all, thank you for getting in touch. It's nice to be able to have this conversation.
The Tweed Pig is based in the West Country of England. It's essentially me and Mrs T.
Although some people have asked whether Mrs T is a real person...

What's the philosophy behind The Tweed Pig blog and how did you come up with the 
concept? How did you choose the name?

Timeless c...

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