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The Tails Family Creates New Label

Posted on 27 Jun 2014

Tails Menswear Label photo in the forrest

The planets are aligning and the moon is new. Such things precipitate change. At Unexpected house,
although the bricks and mortar do not shift, the fabric of things does. The news is this: the Tails family
is diverging. Or doubling. Depending on how you look at it.

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Posted in News By Joshua Mark Williams

Pitti Uomo Tradeshow, Florence

Posted on 21 Sep 2012


The Tails team has just got back from a buying trip to Italy, including the
wonderful bi-annual Pitti Uomo trade fair in Florence. This invitation-only
event is held under the Tuscan sun in the grounds of the Palazzo Pitti,
attracting an eclectic mix from around the world; tanned, foppish guys
and tottering, designer-clad girls from the luxury brands mingle with buyers
from independent stores, photographers, models and journalists.
We found some brands we're excited about and even scored a free

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Posted in Events By Natalie

The team has pulled together a list of favourite winter items; some new in and
some you may recognise as old favourites.
As always, we’d love to hear from you, so do get in touch.

1. Lambs Wool Cardigan by Wolsey
This beautifully soft and warm classic cardigan will stand the test of time and looks
great with jeans, cords or chinos.

2. Ushanka Russian Fur Hat
The Russians know how to do warm hats. If you’re waiting with trepidation for the
snow to hit, this is just the thing.

3. Fair Isle Socks by Corgi

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Posted in Editor's Choice By N. A. David