Saint James have introduced their new updated design of the Minquiers and the Meridien french striped breton 

tops. Both the Minquiers Moderne and the Meridien Moderne are slimmer along the arms with a more tailored fit
on the body.


For those who think you know Saint James sizing. Maybe you have an old favourite stripey french top from St
James. Or maybe you have another brand of breton. St James have drastically changed their sizing. The chest
is coming in 10cm / 4in down on the body of each size. So if you normally wear a medium, now you would be a
large or even an XL if you're between sizes. In this photo Anna is a size ten, is 5'10'' tall and wears an XS. 


The moderne breton top is now a tailored fit so it is more tapered to the body.


Despite St James narrowing the body towards a more modern shape, they have broadened the design of the
neckline. The breton top’s neck is a boat neck which just means it is wider across the top and more similar to
sailor tops of old.


The breton shirt comes in at the cuff, so it’s tapered along the body and the arms.


Saint James continue progressing their collection. Shop the Saint James breton shirt range here.