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tweed pig

Tell me a little bit about The Tweed Pig – where are you based, how many of you run the 
show, and how long have you been going?

First of all, thank you for getting in touch. It's nice to be able to have this conversation.
The Tweed Pig is based in the West Country of England. It's essentially me and Mrs T.
Although some people have asked whether Mrs T is a real person...

What's the philosophy behind The Tweed Pig blog and how did you come up with the 
concept? How did you choose the name?

Timeless c...

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The Joys of a Beard

Posted on 23 Oct 2013

Further to our previous translation of an article on the choosing of the right style of beard
or moustche for your face shape by the Barbière de Paris, located right here in the 10th
arrondissement where I live, is another on the selection of a style of facial hair and advice
and tips on upkeep and care.

The beard is on trend. Hair is no longer hidden. That's certain, but... for the effect to 

live up to expectations and for you to get the most out of it, dear sirs, stubble has
some demands and co...

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Christys' News...

Posted on 22 Oct 2013

christys pork pie hat

Iconic hatter Christys' of London is firing on all cylinders at the moment (always  nice to
of a homegrown British company). They have just recruited two new machinists:
one individual
with many years of experience under his meophorical hat, and the other a
newly-minted hatter
fresh from Oxford fashion college. 

A new head of production and design has been taken onboard, as well as new blockers. 

Above you can see a picture of the pork pie hats that we've ordered from Christys' and that
will ...

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The Autumnal Dandy

Posted on 17 Oct 2013

autumnal dandy

Style expert and blogger Mr Flyy Cambell has picked his favourite pieces from the Tails
Autumn/Winter offering to wear in his feature 'The Autumnal Dandy'. 

Always sharp of dress and partial to a detail or two, Mr Flyy spins pieces that would often
be considered 'classic' in a way that makes sense for the contemporary man's wardrobe.
By his own admission, he's less about 'fashion' and more about 'style': a manifesto that
we more than identitify with here at Tails. 

In these pictures he's taken our...

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espadrilles basque

I had just finished looking around the final few outbuildings of the last beret maker in
France. The space was vast and empty, though machines still clicked; the infamous
French lunch failing to stop the oldest of processes. I heard a rumour on the wind that
up in the Pyrenees was a small town, Basque in location and sentiment. A town that
espadrillia, a town that was the defacto capital of espadrille making for all of
France, if not Europe. I envisaged a place inhabited by rustic and bron...

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Tails Look Book: A/W 2013

Posted on 1 Oct 2013

In the depths of a glacial spring, we took the Tails team on a jaunt through the wilds 
Brecon: possibly the least hospitable place for a clothing photoshoot, but there were 

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Paris Fashion Week Part Two

Posted on 27 Sep 2013

paris fashion week

Paris Fashion Week is in full swing and the city is at its most alive. Shows take place at
the Carrousel du Louvre (above), with the surrounding district of Rivoli, Rue St Honor
and  the hip Marais soaking up the lion's share of the action.  

paris fashion week

'J'ai aucun stile' (I have no style) - a modest French gent on the Rue St Honoré

 paris fashion week

 Paris' bars and cafés buzz even more than usual during fashion week

paris fashion week

These two were rather flattered to have their picture taken in the Marais

paris fashion week

paris fashion week

Trendy types congregate outside fa...

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Paris Fashion Week

Posted on 22 Sep 2013


paris fashion week 2013

The très beau Palais de Louvre in Paris next week plays host to the internationally well-dressed,
comically-dressed, and half-dressed. I'll be there with my camera, attempting to enter the fray
and bring you some photography from the events. I say from the events - I mean from the
pavements outside the events - but it is Paris, so they're pretty nice pavements. 

I'll be keeping you posted - keep your eyes peeled!

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The Trick to Trans-Seasonal

Posted on 13 Sep 2013

You might have noticed that we've been banging on about 'trans-seasonal' or transitional dressing on our Facebook page and Twitter over the past week or two. We think it's a topic worth the attention, because quite frankly, we live in a country that's seeing the traditionally defined seasons blur into a soup of murky grey.

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In the 10th arrondissement of Paris, into which I have just moved, there's a very well known,
very popular and very busy barber shop run by Sarah Daniel Hamizi, La Barbi
ère de Paris.
Look out for pictures coming soon to the Tails blog. In the meantime, Madame Hamizi gives
her advice on choosing just the right facial hair for your face shape and style...

Hesitating between a beard or moustache? Your hair will decide for you!

beard, long hair

If the shape of your face is the determining factor in your choice of bear...

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