I think many of you will agree that the past is an endless source of inspiration. Whilst we
mustn’t see it through rose-tinted glasses, we all draw from inspiration from the past sometimes,
particularly in the creative industry. I love past styles and am instantly drawn to nostalgia and
the parts of the past that are timeless and tasteful. I have a thing for vintage clothing, which
means beautiful tailoring and individuality. I’m more of a mid-century girl, but I can appreciate
a dapper gent. That’s why then, I felt I had to start with a nice gentle post featuring these
fabulous fellows that I found in the archives of Flickr,
courtesy of the Swedish National Heritage Board



This picture is simply called ‘Assembly of Men, Lysekil, Sweden’ and whoever wrote the descriptions suggested that it might be from the ‘Nordic Medical Congress’. I had a look around, and sadly there is not much on the Nordic Medical Congress from the time (just some boring stuff from present-day!) but I did have a look at Lysekil, which is beautiful! I love how well dressed these guys are, and I especially love that posing – check out far-right-in-the-background-leant-against-the-fence. These guys are working the three-piece look, and there’s something so slick about the texture of the fabrics – you can tell they are pretty fancy just from the photograph. The Dinner Jackets, paired with a great Waistcoat are giving off that slick vibe, and actually give a great impression of the colours they might have worn – I actually find it quite difficult to remember that just because the pictures are in black and white, doesn’t mean they were all in black and white suits.



Again, there was not much on these guys other than that they were also in Lysekil, Church Bay. Now, this picture is great. I have so many questions. Firstly – I would love to know what the notes read. Secondly – what are they drinking and why are they photographed hanging out around a table in the middle of nowhere? I mean, this picture is obviously staged when you take a look at the guy on the left – he looks very princely clutching that book – but does that mean the background (Church Bay) was selected to have some meaning for this photograph? Or was it just too dark indoor to capture the image inside that day? Either way middle-guy is sporting some seriously slick neckwear, and I have got to love right-hand-side-guy’s expression – seems like someone was sick of sitting still for so long. I feel like that would be a lot more disappointing ‘back in the day’ – I mean when my friends snap a picture of me and I look awful, it’s not really the end of the world, but I imagine sitting still for a whole minute would make that feeling a whole lot worse!



Thirdly, I found these guys sitting at Villa Bergshyddan, also stated to be in Lysekil. I managed to get a little information on a Villa Bergshyddan, but it is in Stockholm. If it is indeed the place, it is a residence where ‘professional artists’ can live for free – and it’s such a beautiful place, even now. Inside it is gorgeous and must be such a peaceful, inspiring place to reside, perfect for artists I suppose! I’d love to think these gentlemen were artists – a very different image than ‘the artist’ I picture in my head, and indeed the art students here in studentland. If not, I wonder who they are, I mean they all look rather important, and Mr. Far-Right’s facial hair is frankly art. I find it very difficult to imagine artists in bowler hats worn I context with the rest of their outfit, though here I see them on girls quite often. These folks are making me want one of these bowler hats for myself.


About the author:

Annie is a UK based, vintage inspired fashion and lifestyle blogger at Annie Pancake, Graphic Design student in Nottingham, mid century-phile, shoe lover, dress wearer and cat-stalker. Most often found singing to Lana Del Rey, baking, blogging, thinking about blogging or being generally artsy.