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evening wear look book

On a late summer's evening, the team took a selection of our evening wear, a bag of
questionable props (it takes some talking down to dissuade Joshua from filling every shot
with props of many eras belonging to his father Mark's collection), and our 'face', Owen,
to the beautiful old university district of Cardiff to shoot Look Sharp, a new look book that
hopefully shows the best of what Tails has to offer this season in terms of black- and
white tie. We hope you like the results. You can see th...

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Posted in Autumn By Natalie

Tails Look Book: A/W 2013

Posted on 1 Oct 2013

In the depths of a glacial spring, we took the Tails team on a jaunt through the wilds 
Brecon: possibly the least hospitable place for a clothing photoshoot, but there were 

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Posted on 12 Oct 2012


Well, we don't really feel like we've been able to relinquish our jumpers and boots this
summer, how about you? And yet here we are again; it's autumn, and we're well and
truly on the road to another winter. The chill might be setting in and the leaves beginning
to curl, but here's a little something to brighten up your day… Always on the lookout for
that special item, we're proud to introduce Coxmoore knitwear.

Established in 1925, Coxmoore enjoys a rich heritage. Their timeless yet contemporary

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Posted in Autumn By Natalie

Autumn in Colour

Posted on 1 Oct 2011

Autumn is upon us once again; a mellow sun and curling leaves chasing the final
tendrils of warmth from shortening days. Autumn means many things to many people;
the scent of a new pencil case, the rediscovering of a favourite scarf or pair of gloves,
a bracing chill in the morning. Here at Unexpected House autumn means applying
Hide Food to the winter boots and layering-on the knitwear;
soon it will be time to fire-up the Rayburn.

Usually this season sees us banishing the colourful garments of summer...

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Posted in Autumn By N. A. David