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The Autumnal Dandy

Posted on 17 Oct 2013

autumnal dandy

Style expert and blogger Mr Flyy Cambell has picked his favourite pieces from the Tails
Autumn/Winter offering to wear in his feature 'The Autumnal Dandy'. 

Always sharp of dress and partial to a detail or two, Mr Flyy spins pieces that would often
be considered 'classic' in a way that makes sense for the contemporary man's wardrobe.
By his own admission, he's less about 'fashion' and more about 'style': a manifesto that
we more than identitify with here at Tails. 

In these pictures he's taken our...

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The Trick to Trans-Seasonal

Posted on 13 Sep 2013

You might have noticed that we've been banging on about 'trans-seasonal' or transitional dressing on our Facebook page and Twitter over the past week or two. We think it's a topic worth the attention, because quite frankly, we live in a country that's seeing the traditionally defined seasons blur into a soup of murky grey.

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Top Tips: Trans-Seasonal Style

Posted on 29 Aug 2013

trans-seasonal style

Altrarno, Florence, end of summer 2013

We're approaching that tricky time of year: do you need your sunglasses? An umbrella? Sandals? A jumper?
(Hint: the correct answer is usually 'all of the above'). This trans-seasonal period is something that it's
worth putting a bit of thought into: on the British Isles, it seemingly extends to cover more and more of our
seasons as the years go by. 

The old boundaries and markers that we once relied upon to tell us when to put away our boots and get out
our s...

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Customer of the Day!

Posted on 12 Jul 2013



Say hello to the Tails customer of the day, Mr Richard Harris, who dropped in for a visit today.
Here he is looking rather dapper in the beautiful sunshine. 

You can find our boaters here, and pocket squares here.

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The Canvas Jacket

Posted on 25 Apr 2013

canvas jacket

I think it would be fair to say that the weather has been pretty schizophrenic of late, but
we've just taken delivery of a nice little
solution. The canvas jacket by Saint James is a
classic trans-seasonal piece, the kind of thing that layers easily and looks equally

comfortable slung over a casual t-shirt or a knitted jumper, or even submerged under a
heavier weight coat. The hard-wearing cotton canvas is breathable and cool when the
sun makes an appearance, but 
water resistant and wind-proof sh...

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Tails Talks To...Mr Flyy

Posted on 19 Apr 2013

Mr Flyy

For the second instalment of our 'Tails Talks' series, we caught up
with London  fashion blogger and designer, Martell 'Mr. Flyy' Campbell.
Martell is frequently featured across a variety of blogs and websites such
as GQ, Highsnobiety, Grazia and The Sartorialist, to name but a few.
He's also a Fashion Week regular, from Paris to the London Collections.
The aptly nicknamed‚ Mr. Flyy gave his advice on how to dress well, trilbies
and fashion in the Big Smoke.

First off Martell, what first inspired you t...

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The Espadrille

Posted on 16 Apr 2013


Being of the female persuasion, let me tell you, there's something to be said about a man
sporting a tanned ankle, a loosely rolled trouser, and a casual summer shoe. It speaks of
balmy climes, good food and wine, a laissez-faire approach to life... I'm getting carried
away. Anyway, what it speaks of is pretty much exactly what you're guaranteed not to get
by trying to pull off an espadrille in the UK.

Trying to pull off an espadrille in the UK probably involves a pasty rather than tanned
ankle a...

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The Beard is Back

Posted on 22 Mar 2013

beard 1

We've just attended Colour and Trend 2014, and it's got us talking about one thing
in particular: 
facial hair. And to be more specific, beards.
What's more, not just any beards: full beards.

Facial hair has, of course, been en vogue for some years now.
Beginning several ago with neat, 
goatee-like creations, continuing though
'designer stubble', and arriving at where we are now. 

beard 2

For those of you not quite so on-the-pulse as we are (come on, where have you been?),
where we are now is at a place not se...

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Tails Talks To... The Grey Fox Blog

Posted on 15 Mar 2013


The mysterious Grey Fox Blog has been featured in the likes of The Times
and the Huffington Post. London businessman and all-round style
enthusiast, David Evans, AKA the Grey Fox, is the man behind it.
We talk blogging, books and Harris Tweed…

David, you describe your sartorial quest as a man searching for style in middle age.
What inspired you to start blogging about menswear and how did you come up
with your unique concept?

“I reached an age where it’s hard to know what to wear and even harder to ...

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The Cardigan

Posted on 25 Jan 2013


Today is the day for an ode to the cardigan. Sometimes humble, sometimes sophisticated,
this is a piece of knitwear that is an undeniably essential element in a man's wardrobe.
Styles come and go, but the core design dates back to at least the 1850s.

The story goes that the cardigan first saw light during the Crimean War, as Major General
James Brudenell lead his British soldiers across the battlefields, against the Russians.
Knitted vests buttoned down the front were a staple garment, becoming enmes...

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