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Winter essentials (Guest blog)

Posted on 24 Jan 2014

As we scrapped ice off our windscreens this morning, or made the treacherous walk down the hilly street in unsuitable shoes, it is clear, that despite the insistence of stores that have started to stock Spring/ Summer attire, we are still truly in the depths of winter. It has not been a terrible or memorable Winter, but that does not make any difference when we are bundling up or arming ourselves with cold and flu remedies. Luckily, there are a few key items that will see you through the Winter, so that you can emerge come April, new, fresh and ready to wear short shorts and flip flops.

Tails Clothing have a brilliant selection of pieces that will keep you warm, but will also keep you looking your stylish self. Here is my pick of just a few of the products on the site that are winter style essentials:

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Posted in Bloggers By Tajinder Hayer

I think many of you will agree that the past is an endless source of inspiration. Whilst we mustn’t see it through rose-tinted glasses, we all draw from inspiration from the past sometimes, particularly in the creative industry. I love past styles and am instantly drawn to nostalgia and the parts of the past that are timeless and tasteful. I have a thing for vintage clothing, which means beautiful tailoring and individuality. I’m more of a mid-century girl, but I can appreciate a dapper gent. That’s why then, I felt I had to start with a nice gentle post featuring these fabulous fellows that I found in the archives of Flickr, courtesy of the Swedish National Heritage Board



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Posted in Bloggers By Annie Smith

tweed pig

Tell me a little bit about The Tweed Pig – where are you based, how many of you run the 
show, and how long have you been going?

First of all, thank you for getting in touch. It's nice to be able to have this conversation.
The Tweed Pig is based in the West Country of England. It's essentially me and Mrs T.
Although some people have asked whether Mrs T is a real person...

What's the philosophy behind The Tweed Pig blog and how did you come up with the 
concept? How did you choose the name?

Timeless c...

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Posted in Bloggers By Natalie

The Dapper Slowth logo

One afternoon as the Summer's rays shone gently over Wales we had a call from Roberto,
a hardworking and softly spoken gentleman from the South of Italy. Unsurprisingly, the sun
over Calabria was less a gentle basking and more a flogging of a leather curing instensity.
Roberto runs an olive grove and was concerned that his olives weren't getting the water
they needed. Alas, we could not help.

However, Roberto's second concern was for the storage of his panamas.
Despite them being baked to a near cinde...

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Posted in Bloggers By Josh