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Saint James have introduced their new updated design of the Minquiers and the Meridien french striped breton 

tops. Both the Minquiers Moderne and the Meridien Moderne are slimmer along the arms with a more tailored fit
on the body.


For those who think you know Saint James sizing. Maybe you have an old favourite stripey french top from St
James. Or maybe you have another brand of breton. St James have drastically changed their sizing. The chest
is coming in 10cm / 4in down on the body of eac...

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New Christys' Sherlock Holmes Cap

Posted on 15 Jul 2016

Sherlock Holmes

Even the most die hard Sherlock Holmes fans might not be up to date with the goings on of his famous tweed cap.
You know, the hat the pretty much defines him as Sherlock. Well Christys’ have worked up the design. The
reinforced green tweed has been replaced with a softer texture in an autumn brown. Which isn’t so good if you’re
galavanting across roof tops and the like, but it is more comfortable. It’s also likely to fit better. And the satin ties
have been replaced with a leather ones, so it’s ...

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The Tails Family Creates New Label

Posted on 27 Jun 2014

Tails Menswear Label photo in the forrest

The planets are aligning and the moon is new. Such things precipitate change. At Unexpected house,
although the bricks and mortar do not shift, the fabric of things does. The news is this: the Tails family
is diverging. Or doubling. Depending on how you look at it.

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Winter essentials (Guest blog)

Posted on 24 Jan 2014

As we scrapped ice off our windscreens this morning, or made the treacherous walk down the hilly street in unsuitable shoes, it is clear, that despite the insistence of stores that have started to stock Spring/ Summer attire, we are still truly in the depths of winter. It has not been a terrible or memorable Winter, but that does not make any difference when we are bundling up or arming ourselves with cold and flu remedies. Luckily, there are a few key items that will see you through the Winter, so that you can emerge come April, new, fresh and ready to wear short shorts and flip flops.

Tails Clothing have a brilliant selection of pieces that will keep you warm, but will also keep you looking your stylish self. Here is my pick of just a few of the products on the site that are winter style essentials:

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Posted in Bloggers By Tajinder Hayer

I think many of you will agree that the past is an endless source of inspiration. Whilst we mustn’t see it through rose-tinted glasses, we all draw from inspiration from the past sometimes, particularly in the creative industry. I love past styles and am instantly drawn to nostalgia and the parts of the past that are timeless and tasteful. I have a thing for vintage clothing, which means beautiful tailoring and individuality. I’m more of a mid-century girl, but I can appreciate a dapper gent. That’s why then, I felt I had to start with a nice gentle post featuring these fabulous fellows that I found in the archives of Flickr, courtesy of the Swedish National Heritage Board



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Posted in Bloggers By Annie Smith

New In: Knitwear by Saint James

Posted on 26 Nov 2013

port navalo

The Port Navalo

Just arrived at Tails: two beautiful new additions to out Saint James knitwear
collection: the Quimperlé and Port Navalo jumpers. In 100% new and merino wool
respectively, these are two classic cable-knit jumpers that are incredibly easy to wear.

The Quimperlé

The Quimperlé, we feel, is a last-a-lifetime, throw-on-anywhere knit, while the Port
Navalo has the added charm of being the pullover of choice for the officer on the bridge.

Have a look at Tails and the Unexpected's knitwear ...

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New In: The Original Picasso Breton

Posted on 21 Nov 2013

picasso breton

Famously worn by Pablo Picasso, the Naval II breton top by Saint James has just
arrived as a brand new edition at Tails. Standard breton shirts are found in shades of
cream and blue; what sets the Picasso apart is the crispness of white and bright blue,
the shorter sleeve length and the distribution of the stripes: those on the Naval climb
higher on the chest and have a gap before the solid white of the yoke.

picasso breton

The Naval also features a wide boat neck collar and two side slits. Much like the

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A Visit to Saint James, Brittany

Posted on 15 Nov 2013

brittany saint james

A few missed calls back and forth and a date and time is arranged to see Saint James.
West France, made up of Bretagne and Basse-Normandie is inaccessible. Public
transport from one part of Normandy to another largely involves a detour via Paris,
back to Reims, then on to the west proper.

What amazes me is the sheer number of processes involved in making a garment. So
many, in fact, that nobody seems entirely certain of the number. What they do know is
that it takes four weeks to make one jumper....

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Evening Wear: How to Look Sharp

Posted on 8 Nov 2013

black tie

It's that time of year. Dinners, parties, events, various Christmas
engagements… some to get excited about, others you'd rather avoid like
the plague. But regardless,
evening wear is an attire that instantly elevates
a man from run-of-the-mill to dashing gent.

Black tie or white tie attire isn't hard to get right, but there are a few cornerstones.
Once you understand them, you'll be at ease. How to look sharp? Read on…

How to spot a quality dinner jacket from a rented one

The important point abou...

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Posted in How To By Natalie

evening wear look book

On a late summer's evening, the team took a selection of our evening wear, a bag of
questionable props (it takes some talking down to dissuade Joshua from filling every shot
with props of many eras belonging to his father Mark's collection), and our 'face', Owen,
to the beautiful old university district of Cardiff to shoot Look Sharp, a new look book that
hopefully shows the best of what Tails has to offer this season in terms of black- and
white tie. We hope you like the results. You can see th...

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Posted in Autumn By Natalie